Integral Courier Services

Through our company Thomas Express we offer experience, global support and high safety standards for messaging services nationally and internationally. We provide distribution services, telemarketing and courier service for documents. We also offer business solutions in logistics that enable our customers to optimize their operations and focus on their business.

Products and Services  



National Courier

We offer certified collection and delivery services of packages and documents, tailored to the needs of our clients. Our 24 branches and 5 agencies strategically well located, allow us to reach 100% of Colombian territory.


International Courier

We have established strategic alliances with major courier companies worldwide. This allows us to provide collection, delivery and customs clearance services of packages and documents to and from over 200 countries around the world.



Personalized and Certificated Delivery Service

Integral management of the collection process, enlistment, custody, location of the holder and customized delivery of financial products, identification documents, passports and business documents. Our services are based on strict protocols (standard PCI). Our recruitment and custody area, is equipped with real- time cameras and microphone recording.


Contact Center

Through our call center we provide our clients with contact strategies through chat, mail, SMS, fax and telephone. We offer satisfaction surveys, telemarketing, portfolio recovery, data updating and customer service. We have an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR).



Specialized Messengers

We provide specialized messengers, which are assigned exclusively to an organization to meet its  messaging needs, without incurring in unnecessary costs and in procedures of recruitment, hiring, training, disability, redundancy or holiday replacement.


In-House Service

Logistic units installed within your company, designed to meet the needs of reception, enlistment, transportation and internal and external distribution of correspondence using a specialized tracking software.



Where do we operate?

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